Essay on “Holy Sonnet 14” and “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning” What words an
Essay on "Holy Sonnet 14" and "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" What words and images contribute to the tone in each poem and why do the poems have such different tones? (answering the second question will require some discussion of the common theme). Requirements: 700-800 words, 1.5 spacing, minimum of 5 quotes lines or phrases/words from each poem, your essay should have a brief introduction ending with a thesis statement that answers the prompt question clearly and concisely and a brief conclusion. (Here are my notes on what I am writing about) Common Theme - Spiritual love Different tones: Valediction: Informality (thy), intimate (two souls which are one), patient (let us melt and make no noise; though I must go, endure not yet), reassuring Holy Sonnet 14: Formal (you), rough (batter heart, imprison; ravish), urgent (batter my heart; imprison; divorce/untie with satan) (Teacher's comments: please follow this) Jon, if you move parts of your last BP into your discussion of tone in the previous paragraphs, you’ll strengthen your textual analysis. You’ll then need to write a different BP–one that explores in more depth how Donne’s relationship with God is different from his relationship with his wife. I think the boldfaced line is key: Donne will never be separated from his wife even when they’re physically separated, and yet, there are loads of references to separation from God in Sonnet 14. Why the difference? Why can Donne become spiritually separated from God but not from his own wife, and how might this fact account for the differences in tone? Try to dissolve two of your three block quotes, blending bits into the text. (My own instructions) I would like to keep the same concept and only move around what is necessary and adding what is necessary. The word count is 700-800 words but I can go over that (there basically is no word limit). I would also like help with style and grammatical errors. I have also yet to add MLA citations for poem lines into the essay. There should not be any other outside information brought in through quotes or paraphrasing from websites onto the essay. Thank you.

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