Essay #2 Assignment Sheet For your final essay, you will take and explain your p
Essay #2 Assignment Sheet For your final essay, you will take and explain your position on the main idea of Jean M. Twenge’s article, “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” In the essay, you will incorporate other related sources in the provided discourse to help explain and support your position. In your thesis, please provide your direct position on Twenge's ideas. Have smartphones destroyed a generation? Before your thesis, in the introduction, make sure to contextualize the topic and Jean Twenge's article (summarize main point and discuss the audience, genre, intent, and tone of the piece). In the body, make sure to either highlight strengths or weaknesses of support in Twenge's article and/or provide ideas Twenge doesn't consider and should. When responding directly to Twenge, make sure to direct quote relevant parts of her article and respond to them. While doing this, make sure to use at least two of the three other provided sources to help support your argument as well as a third source that you yourself found. You can do this in paragraphs responding directly to Twenge or in paragraphs that consider ideas she missed. Source information should appear in each body paragraph. Please format your essay using standard MLA formatting and include a Work Cited page for the sources that appear in the essay.Please double and triple check your margins, spacing, page numbers, font, etc. This paper should be no less than 1,000 words and no more than 1,200 words. *A Few Notes about Required Sources: Your sources must be reputable and reliable. Good sources include the following: •newspapers (San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, etc.) •magazines (Time, Newsweek, etc.) •books •scholarly journals Please note, if you use an unqualified source, such as Wikipedia, you will automatically have points deducted from your final score. You will be submitting this in online under the Essay 3 assignment in the Modules tab in Canvas. Focus: _____ contains a clearly stated, arguable thesis/claim _____ thesis is clearly related to the assignment _____ the main points in the essay work together to support the thesis Development: _____ clearly introduces and integrate support material _____ utilizes an appropriate number of sources in meaningful support of the argument _____ the outside material enhances rather than dominates the argument _____ counterarguments and refutation are integrated smoothly into the essay _____ appeals are evident Organization: _____ the introduction has strong context and leads to a well-developed thesis statement _____ each body paragraph contains a topic sentence that supports the thesis _____ each body paragraph contains ideas and evidence that backs the topic sentence _____ the conclusion restates the thesis in a new way and adds to the final interpretation _____ uses an organization method that is fitting for the film Mechanics _____ applies basic rules of grammar, usage, and mechanics _____ tone is academically formal _____ academic voice and word choice throughout _____ presents paper according to format listed in directions _____ carefully proofread and clear of spelling, typographical, and other errors sources given pick 2 - - - find the last one

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