The Bondswoman’s Narrative is the first work of fiction written by an enslaved woman. Henry Louis Gates Jr. believes the novel to be semi-autobiographical. What elements of the novel do you believe reflect the author’s lived experiences and which do you believe to be fiction? How and why do you think Crafts chose to include certain experiences and exclude others? Explain your reasoning and provide specific examples to support your claims. All essays should include the following: a clear thesis statement, a strong organizational framework, a discussion of historical context, and textual evidence to support and exemplify claims. This paper should be three to four pages long. It should be double-spaced, include twelve-point font and one-inch margins. There is no need for a bibliography, but internal citations are necessary (e.g., Crafts, 2) as are page numbers and a title for the paper. Proofread this essay carefully. I will deduct points for typographic, grammatical, and spelling errors.

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