Epic System Project Management Plan: Operations Management
Marketing Plan is a proposal for Epic Systems new telehealth service geared towards dementia patients and caregivers will help reduce costs and facilitate patients visits with their physicians. Please find full marketing plan attached. The assignment is to assess the history and trends of operations management for Epic systems. Provide rationale for the selection of your business development opportunity. Detail initial estimates of demand based on your forecasts and justify your selection of forecasting methods. Determine site location(s) and provide specific quantitative rationale for your selection. Specifically, you should assess the significant forces that have shaped operations management in recent history and answer the following: • How did these forces impact the business operations of your company? • Critique the key obstacles and issues that confronted company management during the evolution of operations management into the modern era. List 2-3 obstacles that are impacting change • How did your company’s management handle these obstacles? If your company did not exist then, how do you think they would have responded to these issues? • Assess changes to operations management philosophies and organizational structures in response to the evolving complexity of business operations. In other words, what has changed and why? Analyze the business operations of your selected company. Consider questions such as these in your response: o What organizational processes does the company use? o How do the business operations support the strategic plan, mission, and vision of the company? o What factors affect productivity and profitability? • Determine the key trends in production, quality, resource, and information management with a focus on the business operations of your company. • Assess the impact of these key trends on the business operations of your selected company and on the business product, service, or other idea in your business plan.

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