Effective Levels of Community Engagement by Nurses Community engagement refers t
Effective Levels of Community Engagement by Nurses Community engagement refers to a process that involves developing relationships with healthcare stakeholders, mostly the communities accessing healthcare. These relationships that are being processed are aimed at enabling stakeholders to work together to address health-related issues. The relationships being developed are also aimed at promoting well-being and achieving positive health impact and outcomes. The entire process is designed to meet the needs of the communities. It is important to note that there are two key considerations when establishing community engagement and they include where and when to integrate community engagement and how to integrate community engagement. Nurses are required to undertake activities to demonstrate community engagement as part of their professional development (Chen et al., 2021). This activity is perceived as mutually beneficial, and more importantly, when the goals of healthcare are aligned, valuable outcomes can be established. The first and most important level of community engagement is information sharing. Nurses play an important role in information sharing and it provides the residents with accurate and reliable information. This level is effective because it shares information that relates to different health problems affecting their communities (Chen et al., 2021). Information sharing by nurses within the scope of community engagement has been identified to be a key part of the process because it helps the community understand and be familiar with health care issues affecting them, for instance, information on vaccinations and other related disease issues. The information shared by the nurses on these programs helps the communities be able to equip themselves with information to work with. This means that this level of community engagement (information sharing) is the most effective level that is provided by nurses (White & Stuart, 2021). Planning is another effective and significant level of community engagement conducted by nurses. At this level, the nurses identify points and milestones throughout the planning process to ensure important aspects of community engagement are achieved. The nurses incorporate the community in planning solutions for health-related issues. This level has been identified as the second most effective in community engagement by nurses because it engages the residents of the community. This level ensures that the residents are able to receive healthcare services to be able to align with their needs. The ability to plan plays an important role in establishing success in community engagement (White & Stuart, 2021). The levels of community engagement are important in making sure health care empowerment is established. The ability to attain empowerment is critical since it guarantees community residents are able to acquire the confidence, power, and self-esteem to facilitate the residents’ healthcare needs. References Chen, E., Kim, N., Webster, E., Bocage, C., & Lipman, T. (2021). Nursing student community engagement barriers, facilitators and satisfaction: Perceptions of community champions. Journal Of Nursing Education And Practice, 11(11), 81. https://doi.org/10.5430/jnep.v11n11p81 White, K., & Stuart, W. (2021). Increasing Outpatient Clinic Healthcare Provider Engagement Through Nursing Leader Communication. Journal Of Community Health Nursing, 38(1), 38-47. https://doi.org/10.1080/07370016.2021.1869418

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