View an introduction to the Assignment. Be sure to adjust your audio settings. Unit Outcomes addressed in this Assignment: Measure and assess your cardiorespiratory endurance. Measure and assess muscular strength and endurance. Design an appropriate cardiorespiratory and muscular strength and endurance exercise program. Course Outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment: EF205-3: Evaluate current strategies used in aerobic and anaerobic training. Instructions For this Assignment you are going to complete the following series of labs in order to complete your self-assessment on cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength and endurance: Measure your resting heart rate. Determine your target heart rate range for cardiovascular exercise. Complete the Rockport 1-mile walk test. If possible complete the 1.5-mile Cooper jog test. Complete the YMCA 3-minute step test. Complete the Cadence push-up test and norms. Complete the YMCA half sit-up test and norms. Please submit a 2-page APA-formatted summary on the following questions: Discuss the importance of cardiovascular exercise and muscular strength and endurance. Discuss the testing protocols for each assessment taken. What were your results for each test? Discuss your findings, and interpret and compare your scores to others in your cohort. Discuss your current stage of change for cardiorespiratory endurance and muscular strength. Does your current CV activity level and muscle-strengthening program meet exercise and fitness guidelines according to the CDC? Why or why not? What specific cardiorespiratory and muscle-strengthening exercises do you incorporate or plan on incorporating into your exercise routine? What are your specific goals for improvement for cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength and endurance? References: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2018). Physical activity basics. Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/physicalactivity/basics/index.htm Exrx.net. (2018). Curl-up / half sit-up test. Retrieved from https://www.exrx.net/Calculators/CurlUp Exrx.net. (2018). Rockport walk test. Retrieved from https://www.exrx.net/Calculators/Rockport Sparkpeople.com. (2018). The 3-minute step test. Retrieved from https://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/fitness_articles.asp?id=1115 Topendsports.com. (2018). Cadence push-up test. Retrieved from http://www.topendsports.com/testing/tests/pushup.htm Topendsports.com. (2018). Cooper 1.5 mile / 2.4 km run test. Retrieved from https://www.topendsports.com/testing/tests/2-4-km-run.htm Requirements This paper should be 2 pages in length, written in APA format, and utilize references. Please review the APA formatting and citation style in Academic Tools - Academic Writer to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written Assignments.

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