Economic Principles – Macroeconomics
It is important to be able to convey your understanding of macroeconomic concepts by communicating them to others. In the workplace you might do this by writing papers or reports (as you did for the Week 5 assignment) or creating presentations for your team, manager, or clients. For this assignment, you will develop a final report. Prepare a 2–3 page final report in which you examine one of the macroeconomic variables below: Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The unemployment rate. The inflation rate. Instructions Choose an industry that interests you. (Remember, an industry is not a company. An industry is a group of companies doing the same thing. Ford is a company. Automobile manufacturing is an industry.) Do research on your industry. In a few short paragraphs, describe your selected industry. Be sure to write in your own words. Identify the goods and/or services the industry provides. Identify some of the major companies in this industry. Add anything else about the industry that you think is interesting. Select one of three macroeconomic variables (real GDP, the unemployment rate, or the inflation rate) that a businessperson in your chosen industry should monitor, and explain why that variable is important and how it might have an impact on your selected industry. Describe in a sentence or two the important movements of the variable in the table and graph. Excel tables and graphs are attached for each of the three macroeconomic variables (real GDP, the unemployment rate, and the inflation rate). Review the Excel table and graph for the macroeconomic variable that you chose. Summarize how you think this industry will perform in the future. Be sure to provide support for your prediction of this future industry performance. Your report should include a minimum of two references/citations in the text.

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