Each student will write a 4-6-page paper summarizing their experience in the cou
Each student will write a 4-6-page paper summarizing their experience in the course, a personal SWOT Analysis and how they hope to develop during their career. Included will be an evaluation of the skills of others in the group. The sections will include: 1) Introduction and experience from course, I learned so much about building a business (write about that) I learned a lot about entrepreneurship and innovation (write about that) I learned a lot from professor Lichtman. He is very knowledgeable about business and entrepreneurship and loves the subject. He is so dedicated to teaching. He is so caring and understanding of his students. 2) Personal SWOT Analysis, I created a personal development plan, can you use some of that to create the personal swot? 3) Group Business Plan Experience—Process, Challenges, Lessons Learned, Effectiveness of Group Members. (Write about working as a team and learning entrepreneurship) My group and I created The Two Smiles Movement startup which is a non-profit organization that will be using overcooked leftovers from different restaurants to distribute to the most vulnerable groups such as orphans, segregated, and most homeless people who cannot make it in meet their basic needs. I learned so much about building a business from scratch, I had an amazing team who worked together and helped each other throughout the process. I was very grateful and luck to group with them. This is my first time in years being group with such great teammates. Everyone pulled through weight and mostly brought value. Our challenge was not being as knowledge in building a business and understanding the true concept of nonprofit organizations. But we defeated that challenge with great communication, and support among each other. My group was amazing, 4) Comments on completed Capstone Survey, 5) Future career goals and lessons learned which will be utilized toward those career goals. Appendix—Capstone Survey. I attached the capstone survey, I thought I knew about entrepreneurship, but I did not. I learned (write about entrepreneurship, the importance of it. I thought I was a 4 in all but ended up being I was a 2-3 and ended up getting to a 4. (write about the survey)

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