Each student will write a 3-5-page comparative essay: Students must choose at le
Each student will write a 3-5-page comparative essay: Students must choose at least two countries to compare and contrast. Students must choose at least three criteria upon which to base their comparisons; these can include one or more of the criteria provided in our textbook, such as regime type, ideology, identity, economics, key institutions, public policies, and so forth. The essays: Must be typed, double-spaced, have one-inch margins, use 10-12 point fonts, and be turned in via Canvas. Must correctly and consistently document all sources (including the course textbook) using APA Style or MLA Style. Must be at least three (3) FULL pages to have met the assignment requirements. (2.75 pages is NOT 3 pages!) May utilize but do not require outside research. Must reference the course textbook. Will be graded using the rubric available below. Must meet the requirements listed here and on the syllabus. Before you turn in your essay, ask yourself: Do I have a clear, comparative thesis statement? Does the rest of paper match this thesis statement? In the thesis, have I clearly identified the countries I am comparing and the criteria I am using to compare them? Have I compared -- discussed the similarities and differences -- not just described the two countries? Have I provided examples, evidence, and/or explanation to support the similarities and differences I find between the countries? Have I correctly and consistently documented my sources? Have I focused on course content, rather than general knowledge, per the syllabus? Have I avoided the use of encyclopedias and questionable sources, per the syllabus?

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