Each student will visit 2 diverse Early Childhood Programs and analyze each in r
Each student will visit 2 diverse Early Childhood Programs and analyze each in regards to the following aspects: • • • • • • 1. Be sure analyze analyze Instructional materials Curriculum Classroom organization Instructional practice Student achievement Attitudinal gains among students Self-reflective behavior of the instructor that your select two diverse programs. It is not acceptable to observe and two Head Start Programs. The goal of this assignment is to observe and the programs implemented in two very different programs. 2. Your best source of information for this assignment will come from personal communications you have with the teachers or directors of the programs you observe. There is a way within APA guidelines to site these communications in-text, but they are not included on a reference list. Be sure to review the APA manual or the Purdue OWL site for assistance. 3. If you gather information about the curriculum from sources other than personal communications, please be sure to site those sources properly in-text and on a reference list. 4. Present your ideas in a 6-7-page paper (1-title page, 2- body of the paper [4-5 pages], 3- reference page) comparing and contrasting the Early Childhood Programs based on the aspects given above. 5. The papers must be submitted in Microsoft Word; Times New Roman font; 12 pt font size; margins 1” on all sides; double-spaced. Assignments should be written on a graduate level and any references used should be cited within the discussion and documented in a reference list using APA styling. 6. Post your paper, as a single document, to the grade book through Turnitin.com. An originality score greater than 25% will result in a severe penalty. APA Format Guides Refer to the Assignments link on the Course Menu. At the top you will find UWA COE Assignment Guidelines. Within this link will be APA formatting and the Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab resource information. Follow these guidelines for APA style. Below is a list of questions to ask yourself prior to submitting your final paper. This list, by no means, addresses every possible mistake that you could make, but it will bring common mistakes to your attention

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