Each question needs to be 150-200 words with a reference 1) What happens to stud
Each question needs to be 150-200 words with a reference 1) What happens to student-athletes who post prohibited content online?   Social media monitoring services alert athletics department personnel of  inappropriate conduct/communications. An increasing number of  institutions are beginning to use the services of such companies  following the NCAA’s ruling in a 2012 infractions case against the  University of North Carolina in which the NCAA determined that UNC “did  not adequately and consistently monitor social networking activity that  visibly illustrated potential amateurism violations within the football  program.”  The precedent for future cases of social media regulation is  still very much uncertain. Some coaches impose bans on social media use,  which could be construed as potential First Amendment violation. There  have only been a few examples of student-athletes challenging social  media-related suspensions. So far, the courts have primarily ruled in  their favor.  What do you think of the idea of monitoring services?  Do  your opinions change if you view the concept from the perspective of an  administrator, coach, or even a parent? 2) Consider a hypothetical case of an intercollegiate basketball player who  turns her back to the flag during the pregame playing of the national  anthem of a nationally televised game in order to protest U.S.  involvement in a current war.  Would a court be more likely to decide  that the First Amendment protected this student than [for instance]  another student who was suspended by her school for not  removing/covering up a tattoo of a cross that administrators said  violated a rule forbidding the display of gang symbols?  Why or why  not?

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