Each Christian Evidences Assignment should answer all three questions. Each ques
Each Christian Evidences Assignment should answer all three questions. Each question should be answered in 2-3 pages, double spaced. These three questions should then be combined into a 6-9-page essay, double spaced, and submitted as a singular assignment. It is expected that the course textbook reading will qualify as the primary source for writing essays; however, you are permitted to use other sources. Any sources quoted or used in the essay should be cited using current APA, MLA, or Turabian. Each essay is meant to answer a related group of questions, so it is important that you are thorough in answering the questions completely. Christian Evidences: Jesus and the Bible Assignment 1. You are speaking with a new friend in the neighborhood. The conversation takes a turn towards religion, and you begin to share your faith and background with your friend. This friend smirks, then states that he doubts that Jesus ever lived. How would you respond to him? 2. In an essay, answer the following question: Why is it important for the Christian to believe in the historicity of Jesus Christ? Or in other words, why is historicity important? The key word in this question is “why.” Be sure to answer accordingly. 3. You meet a person on the ski lift at a local ski area, and in making small talk, you mention that you are taking college classes in the Bible. This new acquaintance is not trying to be antagonistic, but nevertheless, brings up something that he had heard regarding the “corruption” of the Bible. Upon further inquiry, you discover that this man has taken for granted the argument that the New Testament was corrupted over the centuries through the transmission process, and is thus unreliable. How might you answer him?

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