If you write an essay of at least 200 words in which you explain which of the following methods of modifying Social Security you would support in order to prolong its financial solvency & explain why you support that. You can pick more than one & you should explain a bit of detail, i.e. how high would you raise the retirement age, raise earnings cap or Social Security tax, etc.

Social Security: Other major programs

•Disability: prove you cannot work (not easy, usually requires hiring an attorney), receive benefits similar to Old Age, also funded by SS tax

•Unemployment: states set specifics

•FL eligibility: Had to work 6 months of last 15 & earned at least $3400

•FL benefits: Max $275 per week for 12 weeks

•Employers pay tax to fund it based on claims of their workers

•Must show that you’re looking for job

•Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), states administer federal block grant

•Feds limit 60 months lifetime eligibility & require work/school

•Can’t have assets over $2000 or vehicle over $8500

•FL family of 4 that pays $50 more in rent gets $364 per month

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