Do not write big unbroken blocks of text. Please use a separate paragraph or bul
Do not write big unbroken blocks of text. Please use a separate paragraph or bullet point for each answer. Use bullets and numbering and spacing for easier reading. Look at your post and see if it will be easy to read and understand by others. If it is not, please fix it. Assignment: For this discussion board posting, create a post that answers the following questions in a minimum of 300 words per part PART ONE: Competitive Advantage (>300 words) In general, how do you decide what company's products or services to buy? (put another way, how do you choose between competing products or sellers? Price? Quality? Features? Service? Convenience? Image? Some combination? List any three different products (i.e. "Shoes, Burritos, & Oil Changes", or "Cars, Jeans, & Legal Services" or any other three products) and tell us what company's product you purchase (or where you shop for that product). Why do you buy that brand or give that company your business? (answer separately for each of the three products). . PART TWO: Future of Automotive Technology (>300 words) After 100+ years of the internal combustion (gasoline) engine, we are looking at a future where a new automobile technology might become dominant. Also trends point to self driving cars, more usage of shared rides like UBER, greater demand for SUVs and less demand for sedans, etc. Read these short articles on the future of automobile technology, and answer the questions below: Automakers lay out plans to stop making gasoline powered vehicles (Links to an external site.) The future of the automotive industry (Links to an external site.) The electric vehicle market outlook (Links to an external site.) 1. Why are Ford and GM stopping production of gasoline powered cars? 2. If there is a big shift away from gasoline to electric vehicles, what will change & what will it mean for the future of: a. Oil companies? b. Car manufacturers? c. Gasoline stations? d. Consumers? e. The design of roads, parking lots, highways, service plazas and building design? . PART THREE: Gen Z Killing Industries? (>300 words) Read these articles and any others that interest you about "Gen Z killing industries" It's Gen Z's turn to kill industries (Links to an external site.) Generation Z and it's implications for companies (Links to an external site.) Six industries Gen Z is changing forever (Links to an external site.) What are some of the industries that "Gen Z" are supposedly causing to decline? (list at least 5) Pick any three of these and discuss why you agree or disagree that Gen Z is "killing them". Describe three industries or types of businesses that you think this generation of young people are helping to grow. Explain. . PART FOUR: Restaurants adapting to new era of COVID(>300 words) Read these articles, and any others that interest you, and answer the below questions: What will restaurants look like after COVID? (Links to an external site.) How restaurants are adapting and transforming their businesses amid the pandemic (Links to an external site.) 1) What are some of the ways that restaurants changed to adapt to a new environment in the era of COVID? 2) What changes have you personally seen in how local restaurants where you live are changing or adapting? As COVID ends, do you think some some of these changes are here to stay? Explain. . Approximately how many words total are in your answers? (your words only, not counting the questions) (minimum total of 300 words per section )

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