Unit 4 Discussion Board 1How do your attitudes toward diversity compare to other team members?Unit 4 Discussion Board 2How are the behavioral, cognitive, and affective aspects of diversity related?Unit 4 Discussion Board 3Conduct an individual SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of your team progress to date.Unit 4 Discussion Board 4What are two or more techniques a virtual leader can utilize in order to gain the advantages of virtual creativity? Share examples other than the ones noted in Levi.Unit 4 Discussion Board 5Differentiate between The Descriptive Approach, Functional Approach and Prescriptive Approach to Problem Solving Techniques. Which Technique(s) do you think works most effectively in your organization?Unit 5 Discussion Board 1In your opinion (supported by Levi & Askay), why is it important for a team's culture to be compatible with the organization's culture? If the organization's culture has difficulty supporting teamwork, what should a team do? Unit 5 Discussion Board 2What is the most important advantage of virtual teams? As a leader of a team what actions should be taken to support the use of virtual teams (discuss at least two actions).Unit 5 Discussion Board 3In the discussion forum, post an initial thread 48 hours before class regarding team conflict or team decision-making. Based on your personal experiences and course readings, how might you approach team conflict or team decision making differently in the future. Unit 5 Discussion Board 4How should your team's performance be evaluated and what criteria should be used to evaluate the team member's performance?Unit 5 Discussion Board 5If you were responsible for developing action plans to improve the performance of your team, what would they be?

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