In Chapter 2 of the course text book "Toward Healthy Aging" the topic of transition of care is a leading problem in the older adult population that leads to hospital readmissions. Read this section of the text on "transitions across the "continuum: the role of nursing." 

Identify some of the major causes of hospital readmissions and the role of the gerontological nurse in improving and preventing readmissions. Read the following article on "The Prevention of Hospital Readmissions in Heart Failure." . 

In this discussion include 4-5 paragraphs (5-6 sentences each paragraph) in which you will address the following:

1. Summarize the contents of the article: The Prevention of Hospital Readmissions in Heart Failure. Be sure to include the: who, what, and why (be specific) For example: what population is affected and why. What are the key stakeholders involved. What are the goals to improve the issue. Be sure this is only a summary. Give examples. Cite sources in APA format.

2. What are some of interventions addressed in your text and evidence-based resources that can be used to prevent hospital readmissions. Use additional sources to support your work. Cite your sources in APA format.

3. What care setting interest in your future role as a nurse (pediatrics vs adults, outpatient vs inpatient vs community) and why? Be sure to use a professional writing style. Identify articles that provide information on your area of interest (what is the patient population, why type of illness/disease specialty care is required, what nursing training is required).

4. Be sure to include in-text references and a reference summary.

5. Be sure to proof-read your work. You will be graded on the style of your work. Be sure that your structure has smooth transitions and correct use of APA syntax. Be sure the writing is organized in a way that introduces the topic, defends your argument, and concludes. 


The discussion forum should be written in a scholarly/professional writing style. Be sure to use APA formatting with references. Be sure to cite any ideas that is not your original work. Your discussion post should be 3-5 paragraphs in length with 5-6 sentences per paragraph. Response post should be 2 paragraphs in length (5-6 sentences per paragraph). The first response should be made by Friday and 2 responses by Sunday. You should have at least 4-6 references for each of your post, this will help add evidence based content to your discussion.

When discussing your ideas add concrete examples to defend your argument. The examples should include ideas and concepts identified in the literature. For example, if I am discussing pressure ulcers and how they impact patient outcomes, I would search for articles on that topic and analyze what are consistent themes or ideas in the literature and state them in the discussion. All of your work should be supported by evidence-based literature. Be creative. 

Response post should not just agree/disagree with a student's post. They should elaborate on the ideas and provide more insight on the topic discussed with examples from the literature. 

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