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The Extra Tenant When Myra's boyfriend, Byron, unexpectedly lost his roommate and could no longer afford to live in his apartment, he moved in with Myra. Myra's lease did not allow anyone who was not on the lease to occupy the premises. The landlord was not on the premises, so Myra was not worried about it being discovered. Myra's neighbor on the left, Tyra, is really incensed about Byron moving in with Myra. Tyra's best friend is Myra's neighbor on the right, Preston. When the same thing happened to Preston's girlfriend, Preston did not let her live with him because of the lease prohibition. Tyra is thinking seriously about whether to tell the landlord that Myra has an unauthorized person living with her. Discuss the ethics of Myra's actions and whether Tyra should tell. “It's none of her business” is not an option. Discuss Myra's situation as an ethical issue. Who are the stakeholders? Think hard. What do they stand to lose by Myra's situation? What do they stand to gain? Is it a form of stealing? Is there a public policy at play? Does it have monetary implications? For whom? Think broadly. The Security Breach: To Tell or Not To Tell? You are the Head of Security for your multimillion-dollar corporation. Recently, you have been restoring your computer system because of a serious breach that occurred over a period of several weeks before it was detected by your computer analysts. You estimate that the financial loss associated with this attack is $27,148,000. This cost is based on tangible losses such as lost productivity, network downtime, and the expense of getting rid of the virus that infected the network. You've been called into a meeting with the Board of Directors and the CEO to determine whether the company should go public with the breach. The discussion centers on how this information will be used by customers and competitors, ie, the intangible costs. What will the media do with this information? What will be the impact on your reputation? Will your customers lose confidence in your ability to protect their private information? Will this result in a negative impact on your bottom line? Consider all the stakeholders in this scenario. What is the primary consideration here? Other than what is being considered at the board meeting, are there other things that should be considered? What is the ethically right thing to do?

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