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Culturally competent care in the perinatal field

In order to provide competent care to the LBGTQ population, it is important to identify your own attitudes. After thinking about your attitudes, please address the following question: Are there special needs of this community when assisting these clients to maintain health and engage in preventative care? 

List how you would use the information in the readings and resources below to provide patient-centered care to this population.

  • Margolies, L., & Brown, C. G. (2019). Increasing cultural competence with LGBTQ patients. (Links to an external site.) Nursing49(6), pp. 3441. https://doi.org/10.1097/01.NURSE.0000558088.77604.24.                                                
  • ANA position statement: Nursing Advocacy for LGBTQ+ Populations. (Links to an external site.) (Effective Date: 2018).



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