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please edit this response paragraph to meet the teachers demand original post: Sorry I am a bit late to posting- I added this class last minute and have been working since! Hi everyone! My name is Keegan Savage, I am from Plymouth and I am majoring in the pre-medicine pathway with a psychology minor. I am a fourth year and I will be graduating this December which I am super exctied about! I plan to attend medical school next Fall. I currently work at Boston Children's where I do overnight shifts as a pharmacy technician, so in my spare time I LOVE to nap whenever I have the chance! I also have been really into reading lately, mostly Colleen Hoover! Looking at the APHA website there seems to be many topics that interest me! But choosing two of them I would pick maternal and child health and immigrant health. I chose maternal and child health because I have a 7 month old sister that I adore and I think this topic would be really interesting to learn about health directly related to her. I also love kids and as of now I want to become a pediatrician. The second topic I chose which is immigrant health I chose because my sister actually lives in the Dominican Republic with my step family and dad, and once they came to visit me in America and my step brother fell sick and the process of finding healthcare was extremely difficult and expensive for him, as he is not yet a citizen with healthcare. I also find this topic interesting because my step mom is a surgeon and she does lots of work that I find interesting and I think we could use some of her knowledge here. Adding to my post after seeing professors notes- Maternal/ child health: I mentioned also that I have a baby sister and learning about her healthcare would be an interesting topic but I want to dive into reasons on the APHA website that further this interest. For one, my baby sister living in a third world country with little access to clean water unless they have the means to be able to purchase it (luckily my family has this). But still, " far too many women, infants and children worldwide still have little or no access to essential, quality health services and education, clean air and water, and adequate sanitation and nutrition" (APHA). When I am visiting my home, I see far too many children without access to basic neccesities, things that keep us alive and that we most certainly take for granted. I would love to dive deep into this topic and connect it to my second topic of immigrant health and find ways that we can reform not only the United States health care system but also find ways to help out nations that need us. Maternal and Child Health. (n.d.). Www.apha.org. https://www.apha.org/topics-and-issues/maternal-and-child-health Immigrant health: I mentioned my own personal family having to access our healthcare system without citizenship or health insurance in the United States which costed them $1,000+ and many phone calls to find a place willing to serve them. Off of this, it is so important that we resolve these issues as not having access to healthcare, "are driving people away from accessing basic health services" (APHA). I truly believe if my step-mom was not a surgeon she would have given up on finding healthcare after being turned down and after what she was quoted. This access issue causes people to NOT access basic health services which is detremental to public health as a whole. As well as the conditions at the borders need major improvement, the conditions will and are causing spread of diseases with no rightful treatment. Immigrant Health. (n.d.). Www.apha.org. https://www.apha.org/topics-and-issues/immigrant-health Hello Keegan, Nice to meet you! Your presentation is also fascinating to me. We have a couple things in common such as working at the hospital. I also work as a PCA at Brigham and women Faulkner hospital, on rotation basis day and evenings. I do understand that you take a nap in your free time because working and standing on your feet for a day is enough to get you very tired. In terms of the topics that you chose, there are two good topics. I really enjoy anything about maternal and child health Because I want to become a OBGYN or work in women health as a advanced provider. According to APHA, Maternal and child health is an important public health issue because: * We can end preventable deaths among all women, children and adolescents and to greatly improve their health and well-being. * Far too many women, infants and children worldwide still have little or no access to essential, quality health services and education, clean air and water, and adequate sanitation and nutrition. * Investments in prevention, health care and education last a lifetime. In regards of immigrant health, it is also an important topic because there more immigrants that comes to America every year therefore it is important to face this topic in regards of the promotion of health equity and to make a safer world. Cannot wait to see which topic you will take for your paper. You can combine the two topics too because I know there are a lot of mothers that immigrate and come deliver their baby here because they know that they will not deport them if they are pregnant or carry a baby. Maternal and child health. (n.d.). Retrieved September 11, 2022, from https://www.apha.org/topics-and-issues/maternal-and-child-health comment of the professor : Thank you for your hard work Ani! I appreciate your re-post and you did a great job including references in your response posts. However, you must include the in-text citation for each reference. Once you revise this I will update your score to passing - as this is the first week. Please revise (repost) your second response post and include the in-text citation. Next, update your reference so it reads American Public Health Association (APHA) as the author, and then place Maternal and child health after the date. Also note, that we no longer state "retrieved" for APA 7th. Like this: American Public Health Association (APHA) (n.d.). Maternal and child health. https://www.apha.org/topics-and-issues/maternal-and-child-health Let me know if you have any questions. Best, Dr. Johnson

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