Discussion Board Assignment: ((80 words)) Read the Real Stories: Meet Brian
Discussion Board Assignment: ((80 words)) Read the Real Stories: Meet Brian. On the discussion board, answer the questions in the Meet Brian section. Be sure to respond to at least one other student's post. Please Read Meet Brian Meet Brian, who wrote this essay as part of his work experience class at a community college. As you read, think about the career fitness journey you have just completed with this book and how Brian is using the lessons he has learned in his workplace. For most adults over the age of 21, the majority of our time is spent at the workplace or with work-related things. A lot of people dread going to work, and, until recently, I was no different. I have been working with a worldwide copy and print company for about two years and felt I needed to step up my responsibilities. I wanted to show people that I have potential to change the way others work in my store, and how they spend their time in what I call “Our home away from home.” With a recent promotion, I took this work experience class to allow me to work full time and gain college credit simultaneously. Little did I know this course would turn out to be more of a benefit than just another class. Over the past few months, I have been on a path to develop my operating skills, to be a little more self-motivated, and most importantly to develop leadership skills, so I may motivate others to want to work and look forward to coming into work every day.Besides copying, the company accepts packages to pack and ship at the same time as maintaining a store with lots of machinery, and serves customers who need assistance. When I first started working at the store, I felt overwhelmed with what was expected of me. Work was very repetitive and difficult, but I knew I couldn’t continue to view my workplace in such a negative way. For my objective on self-motivation, I started coming into work with a positive attitude, ready to take on any obstacle the day may bring my way. I had set my goal to make every customer happy, no matter what it takes, and to build a trust with them. I have found that if we build a relationship with the customers, they are more likely to be lenient and patient with any situation that may come up. This also makes the workload a lot easier for my coworkers because we are able to handle our work without stress and/or worry. In turn, the customer’s patience allows us to focus more on getting our jobs done right. My position is titled lead project coordinator. My job is to manage all store operations as far as production goes. It is my responsibility to make sure jobs are getting done correctly, on time, all the while completing multiple jobs in a timely manner. I must make sure all our sources of operation are available to us for whatever we may need them for, and keep track of all workers and what they need to focus on. Along with the position, I also do the production, and attend to the mailing portion of the store, as well as the graphics stations and technical work. My skills have developed tremendously since my first year working here. In my store, I am the go-to guy of my shift. Even the assistant managers ask me for advice from time to time. That alone is a good feeling. Although I am knowledgeable about most everything in my store, I know there is still much to learn. My skills are an aspect of myself that will never reach an end. Taking this work experience course allowed me to experience some operations of the store that only a manager would be involved in. I presented the idea of developing my leadership skills to my assistant manager and with that she granted me minor assistant manager responsibilities. It may sound like even more weight on my shoulders, but I understand that with every step up you make in this company, you take on new responsibilities as well as needing to maintain your old ones. When managers take time off I was left responsible for all workers on my shift, as well as the store. It felt great. My coworkers looked up to me to get things done right, and we had fun while doing our daily routines. I got comments from my coworkers saying it was the most fun they have had while working. We even finished all the work with time to spare in the end, which allowed us to better attend to every customer who walked through our doors.During this work experience class, I have learned that everything truly works in a cycle. We take care of ourselves, and it helps us take care of our coworkers and customers. When we are positive, customers are positive in return, ultimately resulting in a positive end. Everyone is satisfied and has a lot less stress when coming to work. Also, with this course, it helped me prove to my managers that I am capable of doing more. In the near future, I plan on applying for an assistant manager position at one of the many new stores opening around the area. For the time being, I will stay with this company and further develop my skills. When it comes time to move on, I will have a lot to show for myself through my improved skills. ************After you read the story please answer the all question****************** 1. Describe how Brian has used the information in this book to improve his attitude and performance on the job. Think about his positive success profile, his brand, his values, skills, interests, personality type, and decision making and goal-setting abilities. 2. How did Brian demonstrate his relationship savvy? And his understanding of generations and personality types? 3. If you were an employer, would you hire Brian? Explain your answer. 4. What might be the benefit to you in taking a work experience course at your college?Focusing on the Future ***After you have done i will give one student port need to reply Please*** (( 50 words only)) —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Journal Assignment ((80 words)) Indicate your current happiness level on a scale from 1 to 10. Why do you think you choose this level? What three things could you do today or this week to increase your happiness score? —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Counseling Appointment Report ((90 words)) You are required to attend at least one 30 minute (or more) counseling appointment for this course. Be sure to request an educational plan from your counselor, and ask him/her to archive it in your InSite Portal so I can view it. Some suggested topics to discuss in your counseling appointment include discussion which college or universities support your majorcareer, what courses are needed to transfer or obtain an associate degree, or any other topics that come to mind. Note: Counseling appointments fill up quickly. The best way to make an appointment is to call 925-969-2140. Drop-in counseling is not acceptable for this assignment. In about one page, briefly discuss the following points: What did you inquire about with your counselor? What did you learn? What was the experience like? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((80 words)) The gross revenue of a firm equals the price charged to customers multiplied by the number of units sold. Revenue is what pays for every activity of the firm, so setting a product price is an important decision that impacts the firm’s financial success. There are several pricing strategies used to determine the price of a product. Please list the four (4) pricing strategies and describe each strategy. Bonus Question (optional- 2pts EC). If you're option #1, how will you apply this information to your final project? If you're doing final project option 2 or 3, how are pricing strategies relevant to your company? *******************************Please check the file i upload *********************************** —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ((80 words)) This capstone progress update is a class discussion to serve as a resource and an inspiration for your project. Please share: A brief update of your capstone project progress. What roadblocks are you experiencing? Reply to at least one (1) classmate with your encouraging feedback, questions, or solutions you might have for their roadblocks. *******************************Please check the file i upload *********************************** ***After you have done i will give one student port need to reply Please*** (( 50 words only)) —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Watch the video below ((80 words)) (((((((Please copy the link and search on youtube ))))))))))) https://www.viddler.com/embed/2490219c/?f=1&autoplay=0&player=full&disablebranding=0 ******************After you watch the video please answer all question *************** Then, please answer the following: Why is customer loyalty of particular importance to a company like Dunkin' Donuts? Briefly describe the role that marketing research plays at Dunkin' Donuts. What sort of information does Dunkin' Donuts consider when determining where to locate a new store? Please be clear and concise when writing your responses and adequately support your answers. I am looking for well-thought writing- quality, not quantity. —----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch the video below ((80 words)) (((((((Please copy the link and search on youtube ))))))))))) https://www.viddler.com/embed/70184481/?f=1&autoplay=0&player=full&disablebranding=0 ******************After you watch the video please answer all question *************** What is the promotion mix, and how is it employed by SXSW? What is publicity? List at least one advantage and one disadvantage of publicity. What is sales promotion, and what sales promotion techniques are used to reach businesses? Are any B2B sales promotion techniques employed by SXSW? Please be clear and concise when writing your responses and adequately support your answers. I am looking for well-thought writing- quality, not quantity.

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