Discussion board 4: These questions ask you to consider the Congo’s relationship
Discussion board 4: These questions ask you to consider the Congo's relationship with the world over the last century. Answer each of the following questions with answers of at least one paragraph:What conclusions can we draw from Lumumba’s experiences in July 1960 about Belgian intentions for an independent Congo? What internal, regional, and international forces pushed Mobutu to nationalize UMHK in January 1967? How do Belgian actions toward Lumumba and the nationalization of the UMHK compare to what Kwame Nkrumah described as "neo-colonialism?"How does Gibbs’ article force us to rethink the conventional narrative of African decolonization?What non-Congolese actors are involved in exploiting diamonds in the Congo? How are they involved (in terms of what people they have in the DRC and what those people are doing)?How have the decisions of Joseph and Laurent Kabila's governments continued foreign exploitation? Why have the Kabilas and their allies signed contracts in which foreign countries can exploit the Congo's resources?How has demand for the Congo's natural resources supported the continuation of conflict in the country?How have ideas about natural resources in the Congo changed over time? In what ways are they similar to and different from those held one hundred years ago?After submitting your post, respond to two different classmates' posts. Provide a counterargument to their answer to #3 using an additional source from Shepard that they did not use in their original post. Provide supporting or contrasting evidence to at least one additional question in their post. Your responses should each be at least three sentences in length. Requirements: As above   |   .doc file

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