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Week 3 Discussion Board

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For this discussion board please review the many forms of incentive plans discussed in your reading and chose one of them to do a basic SWOT Analysis. Instead of evaluating the general businesss strengths within a SWOT you will evaluate the general incentive plans strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. For each area write 3 answers. 

Feel free to research your chosen incentive plan beyond the required reading to help assist you with your SWOT. Once you have articulated your SWOT please respond and comment on other classmates analyses. Remember to cite your research.

Image of a SWOT Analysis chart.

Hint: if you are struggling with finding possible weaknesses for your incentive plan selected here are a few general .

Discussion assignments consist of two parts: (I) an initial response to the topic, (II) responses/interactions (2+) with your peers.

Follow all Discussion Board Requirements and Due Dates.



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