Discuss the topic “Nullius in Verba” which essentially means trust no one. Relat
Discuss the topic "Nullius in Verba" which essentially means trust no one. Relate this topic to Scientists and Biology. Use minimum of 2-3 sources, should be structured correctly.( i.e. thesis statement, intro, body, conclusion etc.) Some points to possibly mention: - Why scientists should be trusted - How much we rely on information from them. - Many accomplishments scientists have made. Where would we be without them - Why some people may not trust them - Era of widespread misinformation. Media influence. - COVID-19, (trusting scientists, vaccine, misinformation... etc.) - Refer back to topic of trusting no one... How much should we trust the information we are given. - Who should we trust - How can we live our lives without science. Importance of science/scientists - What makes a reliable source. - Any other ideas work too, these are only suggestions 🙂

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