Discuss the colonial experiences in the Caribbean. Note the patterns of European
Discuss the colonial experiences in the Caribbean. Note the patterns of European colonialism, it’s purposes, and the resulting political, economic, and social conditions. Place emphasis on the roles of the specific European nations, the conditions in Europe at the time which led to colonialism (with special emphasis on the Spanish), and its effects on present-day societies. For each examination a minimum of ten (12) pages of text is required and a minimum of eight (8) sources from categories A, B, and C (collectively, not individually) are required. Remember, that is a minimum more is encouraged, and indeed, required, for the highest grades. .An A grade will not be awarded without at least one item from category A. - Sufficient numbers of sources should be utilized to indicate satisfactory research. These sources must include some or all of the following: (a) primary source materials or government or other documents; (b) scholarly books; (c) scholarly journals, (d) general readership books and magazines, (e) newspapers, and the like. Remember, footnotes and endnotes are prohibited. You must utilize only parenthetical citations. At the end of the paper, use a Works Cited list, which, as the name indicates, only lists you actually cited in the body of the paper. Do not utilize Bibliography, References, Sources, or the like. The Works Cited list must be annotated, and after each entry there should be a brief identification of the author(s) and of the publisher so it can be ascertained into which category, i.e., a, b, c, etc.) the item is located. MUST BE WRITTEN IN APSA FORMAT

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