Directions: Select one option below for this week’s Discussion and if needed, pl
Directions: Select one option below for this week's Discussion and if needed, please look over the Religion Program Guide. OPTION A: The concept of Filial Piety was first introduced by Confucius in his writing entitled, The Classic of Filial Piety, and has been a prominent teaching in China since its publication around 400 BCE. Analyze the concept of Filial Piety and demonstrate the relationship that exists between it and “Ren” as it pertains to the teachings and beliefs that are demonstrated by the actual practices that are found in ancestral worship. OPTION B: Some of the major issues impacting the quality of life in China today includes the social and environmental damage that has come as a result of China's rapid industrialized economic success. Focus on just one of these issues (Either Social or Environmental) and then research specific examples or situations where you have discovered Taoists are actively involved implementing their principles in China for addressing this issue? In your response you will need to specifically identify your issue (ex: Environmental - Water Pollution), the principles of Taoism that are being implemented, and whether or not you believe they are effective measures for addressing your issue, and why or why not?

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