Directions Here is the scenario: Inmates are isolated from normal society, surro
Directions Here is the scenario: Inmates are isolated from normal society, surrounded by constant violence, expected to live within established rules and regulations, and the existing social order of behavior established by, accepted by, expected by, and enforced by the inmates themselves. Questions for Inmate Violence: What are some of the prevailing reasons for violent behavior in prison? What effect(s) do you think the demographics of gender, race, age, education, and social background might have upon prison inmates? How might correctional institutions control those that have nothing else to lose such as convicted killers already sentenced to life, or those waiting for an execution to be carried out? How can you curb the violence? Are prisons and jails cruel and unusual places to house convicted felons? Distinguish the difference between prison and jail. Give details. (PERSONAL) Questions for Role of Juvenile Courts: Is the role of juvenile courts to "save" children and aid in correcting their "mistakes", or is the more appropriate view that "if they are old enough to do the crime, they are old enough to do the time"? More specifically, is a mandatory sentencing law that requires a juvenile convicted of first degree murder to receive a life sentence without parole just or unjust? Finally, discuss why In re Gault might be considered by many to be the single most important case concerning juvenile justice, and state your own viewpoint(s) regarding the issues involved. What is the cut-off age for a juvenile (At what age can a child be considered juvenile? Explain why it is so. In your state, what is the cut - off age? Explain. For this discussion, you may encounter questions, statements or phrases. You must articulate all of them in detail. Personal/opinionated questions/statements/phrases are identified as such. You do not have to research your opinions. Questions/statements/phrases, which are not personal/opinionated, must be researched. You must have in-text citations. Your answer must be factual. That is the reason why you must conduct a research in order to obtain factual answers.

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