Directions: Reflect on Unnatural Causes: In Sickness and in Health transcript-
Directions: Reflect on Unnatural Causes: In Sickness and in Health transcript- , Becoming American- transcript- , the powerpoints- see attached. List 3 significant impressions from the films. Briefly compare upstream and downstream approaches to health promotion mentioned in the film and in your readings. What makes these communities ‘vulnerable’? Describe how the environment influences the health disparities you see in these two films. How would you intervene to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal (#11) to build a more resilient community at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels? What might you address at the individual, community, systems levels of practice to increase resilience or reduce health disparities? Briefly describe how the following determinants of health from your childhood and teen years have affected your health status, level of independence, satisfaction with life, and possible morbidity and mortality. physical environment (geography, climate, weather, natural resources, agriculture, urban vs rural, natural vs. built environment) biology (biological factors, px characteristics, genetic factors health conditions) behaviors (health-seeking actions, health limiting actions, lifestyle patterns, family, work and community roles, levels of coping and resilience, language and literacy, health literacy), and social environment (culture, government, education, commerce, religion, health systems, media, social and economic patterns) After completing the ZipCode exercise, describe. The life expectancy at birth for your state, county, and present zip code? The life expectancy at birth for the zip code where you grew up? In looking at zip codes near you, what, if any, disparities exist? Why, in the context of the social determinants of health, do you think they exist? How does your zip code possibly impact your life expectancy? What feelings do these discoveries bring up? My zip code 55060

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