DHS Policy
For this assignment, write an essay that addresses the prompts below. Explain how homeland security policy has developed from 2001 to the present time. Describe the role of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 (HSPD-5) and HSPD-8 in the evolution of homeland security strategies. Compare and contrast two of the homeland security strategies discussed in Chapter 6 and Chapter 8. Discuss how these strategies have affected counterterrorism. Your essay must be at least two pages in length, not counting the title page or references page. You should have at least two sources on the references page. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed. Remember, websites such as Wikipedia, e-how.com, history.com, howthingswork.com, and other similar sources are not scholarly in nature and may not be used for this assignment.

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