Detailed Instructions For this assignment, you will make use of your genre knowl
Detailed Instructions For this assignment, you will make use of your genre knowledge in order to write the same scene in two different genres. The following elements must appear in both scenes: An adult man and a woman discover (during the scene) that they are brother and sister. The man doesn’t want a relationship with the woman, but she insists because _________(you can decide why it’s important to her). You may use your imaginations to build your assignment around this basic scenario, which must be present in each scene. However, whatever else you wish to write is up to you and your imagination, as long as each scene upholds the conventions of the genres in which you’re working. Each scene must be 2-5 pages long, be written in proper screenplay format, and must also demonstrate all of the elements of a scene that you’ve been reading in your assigned screenplays each week. Those elements include visual language, no (or very little) exposition, a clear goal for the protagonist, a clear obstacle for the protagonist, and something left unresolved at the end of the scene. In addition, each scene must make clear use of genre conventions so that there is no question about the two genres you’ve chosen to work in. You may use subgenres if you wish, but again, the subgenres must meet all the same qualifications of the assignment and be easily identifiable to the reader. If it’s challenging to identify the genre or sub-genres you’re working in, marks will be deducted. Learning Outcomes/Description Demonstrate an understanding of basic dramatic scene writing. Synthesize knowledge about genre conventions into two entertaining genre scenes. Choose appropriate genre conventions in given scenes. Create two entertaining genre scenes in a screenplay format.

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