DescriptionYou will upload a video of 3-4 minutes featuring your preferred, loca
DescriptionYou will upload a video of 3-4 minutes featuring your preferred, local, tourist destination. You may choose any spot in San Diego or your neighborhood to convince a tourist to visit. This video should highlight the destination. Your approach should be that this video could be featured on the City of San Diego tourist web site that people from all the world access to see what is cool about San Diego. The spot you choose should be featured prominently in your video. You will want to tell your audience (tourists- either from out of town, or San Diegans who want to “staycation”) the features of your destination. For example:How should a traveler get to your destination? Car? Plane? Train? What can they expect for parking? What can they expect to see? Is there a fee to enter? What kind of attractions are there to see? What are the benefits of this location? Is this educational? Business related? Government? Who typically visits this location? Is this location seasonal? How long should a tourist plan to spend at this location? What is an insider secret about this location? Etc. ResourcesYour cell phone or video camera and your choice of destination in San Diego.Assignment ExpectationsThe video should be no more than 4 minutes long. You may feature background music, but it should not overpower your message. You may upload this to a personal YouTube (or other platform account) if you wish to store this in the cloud. If this is the case, please upload a document with the link to your video.PreviousNext Requirements: page long and answers all the questions

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