Description of the artwork: must describe it objectively and appropriately using
Description of the artwork: must describe it objectively and appropriately using knowledge gained over the semester, including the title and medium of the work. Context: must include the historical/cultural context of the artwork. Craftsmanship: must include analysis of craftsmanship, articulation, and/or technique of work, including a comparison to artwork/s of similar styles. Historical Analysis: your paper must analyze the artwork - which means evaluating the cultural and/or personal significance of the artwork and the CONTENT/message. How does that content connect to the different visual elements in the artwork - for example, how do the colors contribute to the message? You can also include your impressions/feelings/associations with the artwork. Formal Analysis: how does the artist use the Elements and Principles of Art? How do these decisions help inform the narrative of the work Educated opinion answering Why does this work of art deserve our attention and study? To answer this question, you will use the above research information to prove your point Formatting Requirements Chicago Style Footnotes and Bibliography Title Page: Title of Paper, Student Name, Course Name, Professor Name, Date Page numbers at top right Images of your artwork (if your museum cannot allow you to download or copy an image due to restricted access or rights, contact me and I will assist you n finding an accessible image. 2000 word minimum 12 point Times New Roman Double Spaced Chicago Style Footnotes and Bibliography Standard Margins Be sure to proofread the grammar and spelling in your work before you submit it. I highly recommend the free version of Grammarly Please upload your Word file or PDF to Moodle. DO NOT TYPE YOUR ESSAY DIRECTLY INTO MOODLE - UPLOAD A FILE. Type your responses using Microsoft Word (or if you do not have Word you should save it as a Word file or PDF) ———— TAKE A LOOK AT MY MIDTERM FOR MY WRITNG STYLE AND FOR MY THOUGHTS ON MY PAPER, thank you very much <3 I="I">

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