Description of Assignment: You have been asked to be part of a group to help re
Description of Assignment: You have been asked to be part of a group to help research and resolve conflict that has been occurring in your workplace. Your boss has asked each member to present their own opinion on how to best resolve the conflict and help employees communicate better in the workplace. • Topic 2: Types of Conflict, including: Intrapersonal Interpersonal Intergroup Organizational MY PART IS ON INTERGROUP AND ORGANIZATIONAL -- IF YOU DID PART 1 PLEASE HELP WITH THIS. The first part of this assignment was completed during your group meetings. This second part of the assignment will be your individual Conflict and Communication Position essay. Instructions: You will be writing a position essay on conflict resolution and communication strategies. You must follow the layout of an essay (introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion, and include outside sources). The introduction to your position essay should: Attract the reader’s attention Provide context on the purpose of the essay Inform the reader of your position on what conflict management and communication strategies are most effective (thesis) In the body of the paper, you should present your position while using evidence and support by focusing on: Summarize the information gathered in the group discussions. Define/differentiate between key concepts Explore types of conflict and communication styles Explore types of conflict resolution and communication strategies Argue why the chosen conflict management and communication strategies are the most effective - give reasoning and evidence (support for your reasoning) Your conclusion should: Recap your findings (key concepts, types of conflict, etc.) Restate your position Suggest course of action Reminders: Support factual information and assertions with credible and/or scholarly sources. Be sure to use transitions from paragraph to paragraph. Maintain a formal, academic tone (no colloquialisms) Follow APA guidelines to format your essay Use in-text citations and include a references page - APA format It is important to remember that, although you will be researching, sharing resources and information, and having preliminary discussions with your group members, you are expected to produce and submit individual and original position essays.

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