Defining Success
uccess is complex and comes in many forms. Writers agree that there’s no one set path to success. PROMPT: Write an expository essay explaining your definition of success. What factors are needed for a successful life and how do you measure success? How does your idea of success fit with the class readings, and with society’s typical definition of success? Consider this your individual recipe for success. Use quotes from our reading and an example to support your ideas. Include two factors( courage and motivation) that are needed to lead a successful life. Use 3 quotes total from the *assigned readings listed later. Use commentary and analysis to explain and make connections between examples, quotes, and big ideas. Rubric/Requirements: Thesis stating your claim. Topic sentences at the start of each body paragraph. 2 specific factors that are essential to your own definition of success ( FACTORS: COURAGE AND MOTIVATION). Include 1 quote from each of these ***assigned readings (3 quotes total) to support your ideas: “The Benefits of Failure” “Choosing Between Making Money and Doing What You Love” “America’s Bizarre Secret to Happiness: More Work.” *FILE ATTACHED Signal Phrases: Introduce all quotes using a signal phrase to give credit to the source & avoid plagiarism. Example: In the essay “I Can’t Accept Not Trying,” Michael Jordan writes, “Take those small steps.” Explaining and commenting on ideas from the articles (in your own words) is acceptable to help clarify thoughts & transition between points, but this paper must primarily be “your ideas.” Works Cited page, list the three articles in a proper format. PIE- Point, Information, Explanation TAG- Title, Author, Genre

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