Dear  Applicant, .  With our  online graduate nursing  programs  ranked  8th  in
Dear  Applicant, .  With our  online graduate nursing  programs  ranked  8th  in  the nation,  we  are highly  recognized  in the healthcare industry  for  outstanding  programs for  practicing nurses wishing to further their education. To maintain  the highest  level of  excellence in our  Masters of  Science of  Nursing program we limit the number  of  applicants admitted  for  each  start date. Part of the selection process includes reviewing  writing  samples from  prospective students.  This writing  sample will be reviewed  by  our  Admission Selection Committee. Once you  have completed  the writing  assignment  described  below,  please  forward the  Letter  of  Intent  to your  enrollment  counselor.   Write a short essay  in  response to the following  questions: 1.  What are your  short and  long-term career  goals and  how  will this program prepare you  for  them?  2.  What do you view as key  attributes of being a successful FNP/ACNP and why?    3.  How will you  dedicate the time and  effort to be  successful  in  the program? 4.  What do you  see  as major  trends in  healthcare?  What  do you  see as your  role in that?   The title of  this  essay  will be: Letter  of  Intent   This paper  should  be at  approximately  500  words in  length.   This paper must be written in APA format using  Microsoft Word  and  must include both a cover and  reference page.   Include one  reference citation from  any  source.

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