D2L Discussion Posts – (Ongoing) This course requires you to participate in a me
D2L Discussion Posts - (Ongoing) This course requires you to participate in a meaningful way. The goal of this assignment is to encourage students to engage with course material, each other, and to participate regularly across the term. To accomplish this goal, students should contribute at least two posts for each of seven units across the term for a total of 15 posts worth 1 mark each (2 x 7 plus one more). For each unit in which you post, at least one post should be an original post relating to the lecture or readings for that unit and at least one post should be a response to another student's original post for that same unit's lecture or readings. Students can post two or three times per unit until 15 posts have been made across seven different units. Students are encouraged to post more if they want. Both original and reply posts need to be relevant to the unit material in question and need to demonstrate active engagement. Thus, posts will be graded based on effort and engagement, not on whether one is "right" or "wrong". Online posts need only be one or two short paragraphs. They can be thought of as equivalent to making a significant oral statement in class. While being understandable is important, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure will not be graded for this assignment. So long as students demonstrate effort and engagement across the term, full marks should be achievable. This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade.

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