Critical Reading and Visual Rhetoric Compilation with Critical Commentary Compil
Critical Reading and Visual Rhetoric Compilation with Critical Commentary Compile at least four print articles and/or audio or visual files (such as a cartoon, image, video clip, audio clip chart or diagram) that are fact based (four altogether, not 4 of each). Types of print articles include: news articles, editorials in newspaper, magazine, journal, websites Types of visual files include: political cartoons, informative graphics, audio files with content of news, editorial, rhetoric, and finally, video. These must be published by credible to somewhat credible sources. Credible sources include newspapers, magazines, news websites, etc. Somewhat credible sources include organizations with causes (animal rescue, save the planet, save the animal planet, etc.). For each source, please supply the following information: 1) Title 2) Type of article 3) Source 4) Author/creator 5) Subject and issues 6) Structure of presentation 7) What the creator is trying to get you to think/buy/sell/vote for/ etc. 8) Tricks, ploys, appeals, shiny things the creator uses to achieve the goal of the work 9) Your personal, first person comments: o why did you choose this? o what do you think of the subject, the rhetoric, the creator’s skill? o Anything to praise? o Anything to criticize? Minimum length: 250 words per article

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