Criminal Justice System in South Africa – Scenario
The paper will include the following: -You are a US Citizen that is travelling to South Africa -You arrive at the country -You commit a crime (* Do not use any driving violations as the crime.) -Make the crime interesting enough to write about -Make the crime of a nature that you will work through the country’s criminal justice system -Do not get caught up in the detail of the crime -You are caught by the country’s law enforcement officers -You do not have diplomatic immunity and the country is balking at any means of negotiation with the US for your release from the crime and subsequent punishment -a. What crime did you commit? How were you caught? In other words, briefly set up the scenario. -Explain the country specific law -Explain from first contact through arrest and questioning your experience with the country’s law enforcement officials -Explain the detention process you will experience as a foreign national for the crime you committed -Explain the judicial process you’ll experience for the crime you committed -Explain the detention, corrections, and/or incarceration process you’ll experience for the crime you committed -Provide an analysis on: -The effectiveness of the criminal justice system in the country -The human rights perspective of how you were treated through the lens of the country where you were caught

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