Create an Annotated Bibliography Choose one trend from the list you created for
Create an Annotated Bibliography Choose one trend from the list you created for HW. This is your research topic. Using the HMGT1101 Library Guide, research one trend and identify: • one journal article, • one newspaper article (NY Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal) and • two trade articles that support the trend. • Write an annotated bibliography for all four articles (see directions below). Annotated Bibliography Directions • Use APA 7th edition format to create your cover page (page 1). Information about APA format is available on the HMGT 1101 Resource Guide and the Purdue OWL. • List your four articles found in task #1. Each citation should be followed by an annotation that o summarizes the main idea of the source (approximately 4 sentences) o assesses the source (analyze, evaluate the source in 2-3 sentences) o indicate how the source will be relevant for understanding the research topic (approximately 3-4 sentences) • Additional information about annotating your references is available on the City Tech Library website and the Purdue OWL. • Create your reference page which will list the four sources that you found in Task #1. This will be the LAST page of your entire assignment (after your reflection). Be sure to use APA formatting for your reference page. Industry Research Summary and Reflection Write a 1-1 1⁄2 page essay in which you: • summarize the findings of your research, providing an overview of the significance of your chosen research topic • indicate the skills you would need to develop to become a leader in the industry segment • identify further research that you would need to do to achieve this goal and how you would go about conducting this research Student Learning Outcomes of this Assignment: Upon completion of this assignment, students will be able to: • Discuss the scope of the hospitality industry through written communication • Gather information from observation regarding the hospitality industry from a local, national and international perspective and about their future role within the industry • Describe key management functions using professional terms and communication standards Criteria for Assessment See information literacy rubric in syllabus

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