Create an 12 to 15 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker
Create an 12 to 15 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker notes, in which your team addresses all of the following points: How have body worn cameras, squad cameras, in-squad computer systems and other forms of emerging technology impacted practitioners & future leaders/managers of law enforcement organizations; and In what ways have police use of deadly force incidents affected court systems, and correctional systems now and how do you anticipate theses incidents evolving and affecting these systems moving into the future? Is this an international issue? Why or why not? What creative financial and budgetary changes will future managers of the police, courts, and corrections need to employ to ensure adequate funding resources for their agencies regarding the issues outlined above? None of this high-tech stuff is cheap. What would you to pay for it? What will the Criminal Justice System look like in five years, ten years, twenty years from now as a result of what we saw seeing over the past few years? Thorough research and critical thinking will help bring some great presentations. Include a minimum of 3 scholarly references listed in the speaker notes of the slide where the reference is used and on the references slide toward the end of of the presentation. *Note: Presentations should include the following at a minimum: Professional Slide Design (not just black and white), Title, Bullet Points, Media (image, video, table, clip art, etc), Speaker Notes should describe the content of the slides to note who you would be presenting; speaking out loud in front of an audience. Slide transitions should be inserted to ease the movement from slide to slide. References should be placed at the bottom of slide notes and a final references slide at the end that allows the reader to go back and check to verify your references.

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