Create a short video that answers the two following questions: 1. Based on the
Create a short video that answers the two following questions: 1. Based on the background information about GMOs that has been covered in this module, if you could engineer an organism, what would you engineer and why? (Do not use the GMOs discussed in the module.) 2. Detail the process of creating your GMO from question 1. To aid in this explanation, fill in the appropriate information to the blank boxes in the flow chart attached HERE. Refer to the procedure to make a transgenic goat in the GMO presentation file in the module as it will give you an idea on how to fill the chart. Also, read up golden rice information in the module to further help you create your NOVEL GMO. Use the following guidelines when creating your video: 1. Length. Your video should be 2-3 minutes in length. 2. Style. Your video should be professional, but there are no restrictions on style (your video can, but does not have to, include graphics, animations, etc.). 3. Presentation. Your video should sound well-practiced. It may be helpful to write yourself a script first so that you know what you are planning to say. Avoid "um, ah, uh," and other "filler words." 4. Production. Find a quiet area with good lighting so that you have clear audio and avoid harsh lighting conditions. Recording options: Most phones have sufficiently good audio and visual quality for this project. There are also options for simple video editing available using apps, including apps like TikTok. This can be an easy way to show an image of your flowchart as you explain the process of making your GMO. You can record and upload a video within Canvas using your computer's webcam. You can also record in Zoom while using screen share to show your flowchart. Submission: If you are not recording using Canvas, your video must be submitted as a .mov, .mv4, .mp4, .wmv, or by uploading to a video hosting site and providing the URL WITH ACCESS. I have given you MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS to submit this assignment, so please be sure to check if your video is working or not and resubmit it in case of problems. If we CANNOT OPEN or ACCESS your video, then you will get a ZERO for this project. For more information on the guidelines and tips for creating better video quality, refer to this presentation: GMO video guidelines and tips - PDF.pdf This video is an example of the type of project you are creating. FYI, please don't be intimated by Amy's GMO. She is a biology grad student and knows the subject matter very well. I am very aware that you are an undergraduate student with barely any biology background. It may be helpful to show the flowchart in the video as you explain the steps involved. Note: We will be lenient with grading this video project, so do the best you can and attempt filling out and explaining the flow chart to the best of your ability.

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