Create a promotion analysis, the final component for your chosen company’s marke
Create a promotion analysis, the final component for your chosen company's marketing analysis. Introduction A company can promote its products and services in a variety of ways, such as traditional media like TV, radio, and newspaper. But today’s age of social media and smartphones has opened up the ability to connect with the target market via apps, texting, online coupons, and "e-bates." The goal is to get the consumer to buy and form a loyalty to a company and brand. Competencies Measured By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria: Competency 1: Examine the basic marketing models for a business or organization. Describe who represents the product. Address assessment purpose in a well-organized text, incorporating appropriate evidence and tone in grammatically sound sentences. Competency 2: Relate the importance of an integrated marketing program to the economic impact of a business. Discuss the implications of an integrated marketing program to business economic success. Competency 4: Apply effective marketing planning and implementation. Discuss the effectiveness of the promotion strategy and the impact on the marketing mix. Accurately describe the company's communication strategy (communication channels or media). Competency 6: Evaluate management implications of marketing and sales plans. Discuss the sales process or techniques and how it impacts marketing and sales plans. Note: Assessments 1–3 in this course require you to complete a marketing analysis. Because they build on each other, it is recommended but not required that you complete them in sequence. Overview This assessment allows you to analyze in depth a product of your choice. You will be able to look in a detailed manner at how your chosen company maximizes the branding of the product, at the competition, and at how the company positions the product in the marketplace. Preparation Pick a company that makes or sells products, not a service-oriented company. Use the same company for all assessments in this course. Try to go beyond the typical consumer electronics offerings, such as Apple. If you are in doubt about your chosen company but if it will work for the project, please ask your faculty member. Instructions Submit your analysis for the final P (promotion) for your chosen company's product or service. Your analysis should cover all aspects related to promoting the product, including to the customer, as well as to other promotional audiences: Analyze the sales process or techniques and how it impacts marketing and sales plans. What suggestions do you have for potential improvements? Analyze choices of who represents the product. Do you consider the choices to be optimal? Analyze the company's communication strategy, including both the communication channels and the media. Analyze the effectiveness of the promotion strategy, including how promotional efforts affect decisions for the marketing and sales plans. What are the cost implications of the promotion strategy? Analyze the implications of the company's integrated marketing program, including the impact on business economic success. Cite any sources you use. Be sure your analyses present a focused purpose through strong organizational skills. Also be sure to present evidence through strong paraphrasing/summarizing and appropriate tone and sentence structure.

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