Cover page (cover page help). Heading and headers. Alphanumeric outline with the
Cover page (cover page help). Heading and headers. Alphanumeric outline with the thesis at the top. Essay of at least 750-1000 words. Essay should contain: Introduction (with the thesis correctly placed). Support paragraphs (at least 3) that contain evidence from the text in the form of quotes and specific references. Conclusion. Works cited page (for the play and any other sources you used). At least three quotes from the play to support your argument with parenthetical citations. Please note that when parenthetically citing a play, you put the act, scene, and line number into the citation. Example: (Hamlet 2.3.17-20). This example would indicate the play Hamlet, act 2, scene 3, lines 17-20. Read Hamlet and take notes. You should have notes from your “Preparing an Analysis Essay” assignment already. Determine what stance you are taking. Include the outline and the thesis statement that encompass your thoughts from the project “Preparing an Analysis Essay” in your final submission. The thesis should be the last sentence in your introduction. Do some research to see what others are saying about your interpretation that you could use as additional support.Research is required. You need at least one reliable source apart from the play itself. Write the 750+ word essay using your outline, thesis, and notes. Include quotations or paraphrases with proper citations. Not including these may lead to a plagiarism offense. Include a works cited for your sources, including the play. Not including a works cited page may lead to a plagiarism offense.

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