Definition: Contract Administration is to assure; The Contractor’s performance AND the Employers performance are in accordance with ALL of the terms and conditions of the contractual agreement. Why contracts are required? With Contract; 1- Specify time, cost and quality of what is required. 2- Defines terms and conditions for what is being delivered. 3- Risk is distributed amongst the parties. 4- And all other requirements are defined. Without Contract; 1- Multiple Interpretations for time, cost and quality. 2- No definition of terms and conditions. 3- No definition of who owns which risk. I work with the contract team and my line manager asked me to prepare a presentation describing the below: 1- Employer Risk. 2- Employer Variation. 3- Contractor Variation. 4- Force Majeure. 5- Employer Default. 6- Contractor Default. 7- All Insurances. Could you please help me with that?

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