contemporary feminism
After reading this week's assigned articles found in the Week 4 Module (Week 4 - Feminist Theory and Intersectionality ) please view all videos or read articles found below the ASSIGNMENTS header in the module. Select one and respond to the following: How is the "feminism" described in the video/article you selected different from First and Second (or maybe Third) Wave Feminism? Based on the readings from this week and last week, critique the main points made in the video/article your selected. For example, how would you interpret or assess the writer's or speaker's thoughts about women in our society? How might other schools of thought respond? Please include the name of the video or article you selected in your response. Please include references/citations that you use to make your points. I will upload the reading choose one from these and respond to it based on the reading Hip hop feminism fourth wave feminism Me too Angela Davis – Intersectionality please site which article or video you choose make sure you provide good details based on the reading while answering the questions

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