Consider the five scenarios described below and answer these questions: ·
Consider the five scenarios described below and answer these questions: · For each situation, determine whether the Person (indicated in bold face) is consulting or doing something else. Explain your position, citing support from this module's readings. · Of the five Persons, decide who you consider to be the most useful to the people that he or she is working with (whether or not you call it consulting). Describe what you find to be useful about their "useful" actions. In other words, how did they "add value?" · In summary, explain the advantages he client may gain if the consultant is determined to understand and support the client's goal, rather than just delivering a service. Consider any extra burden such a consulting relationship place on the client. 1. The HR Consultant, Sarah, had been called to meet with Ali, the senior executive, who said, "I called because we are having a turnover problem, and it is getting worse. Can I tell you what I think the problem is?" "We can help." Sarah said. "We are proud of our turnover prevention training, and if you give us this assignment, I can guarantee that your participants will be thrilled! If you are able to sign up today, you will be given our best tool for half its normal cost. But first let me ask if your wife is feeling better after her cold?" 2. Jesse is a graduate student who has been rooming with Mary for almost a year. Mary came storming into the living room to announce, "This is not working, Jesse! You simply will have to move out of here!" Jesse was startled. She asked, "Where is this coming from? I'm totally shocked to hear this! Do you need a place to live with your boyfriend, or do you need more quiet time? What will work for you?" Mary said that she was going crazy with a lack of time to be by herself. "I can't even find a place to talk to myself!" Jesse said, "I'll have to plan what I will do, but I want the arrangement to work for you this time." 3. The ERP consulting firm was hired by the CEO. ERP Consultant Sven is in the Marketing department to present 1) the conclusions of their study, 2) the plans that the CEO has agreed to implement, and 3) the assignments that each of the Marketing mangers is expected to complete over the next month. Managers had many good questions about the data and the conclusions. Sven told them that every suggestion had been made previously, but the consultants had already considered these in making this plan. 4. Another graduate student, Robert, was hired last week by a food services company to administer the MBTI to their mid-level employees. Robert was told that the employees had not been working as a team, and that the COO had seen how powerful the MBTI can be for teams. Robert had asked if they had sufficient budget, and what kind of time frame they needed for the administration and the feedback. With these answers clear, he accepted the assignment. 5. The Police Officer Johnson pulled over Monique DuBuque. After reviewing Monique's license, the officer said, "You were traveling 21 miles over the speed limit, so I have to write you up. Our village has a new program that allows me to release you if you wish to sign an admission of the violation, but that waives your right to appear in court. Would you like to arrange a court date?" Monique asked, "If I choose the court date, how long will that take here? I really am late for a wedding at St. John's." The officer replied, "I can have you back on the road in ten minutes. I see that you are not from around here - you can save 15 minutes if you bypass the construction. So, Ms. Dubuque do you want to sign? And, either way, do you want to know a quicker route?" Monique said, "I'll sign, and I'll take your shortcut!"

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