consider a specific issue in criminal justice to perform research into and build
consider a specific issue in criminal justice to perform research into and build an argument that takes a position on the issue. Your job is to pose an effective argument on the topic of your choosing using the research you conduct into the matter as your support. Your essay must include: A strong, clearly stated thesis that makes an argument about your topic. (Beyond that it is an issue.) Examination of 1-2 counterarguments and a refutation of those counterarguments. Incorporation of 15-20 sources At least 12 of those sources must be scholarly/academic found through the library databases; one source must be a book length text All sources must be credible. Refer to our lessons about evaluating/assessing texts to guide your research. A strong conclusion that comments on the importance of the topic discussed and provides a call to action Goals for this essay are: Conduct academic research on your topic and analyze sources for credibility Construct a convincing argument about an issue in criminal justice that is grounded in research and logic Compose a strongly worded thesis statement that makes an argument about your topic Write a focused, logically organized essay Incorporate textual evidence from scholarly sources to provide support for your argument Engage with at least one counterargument to demonstrate and refute an opposing point of view Guidelines and requirements for this essay: 15-20 pages: a minimum of 15 full pages, not including the Works Cited page/Bibliography Incorporation of 15-20 sources; at least 12 must be scholarly sources, one must be book length MLA or APA format Include a creative/thoughtful/relevant title Written in 3rd person only Steps to Write This Essay The first thing you want to do is pick a topic. As stated above, you want to pick something that interests you and that you will enjoy researching. Once you pick your topic and gain a basic understanding of it and the differing viewpoints, you need to develop your own stance on the topic. For this essay, it is extremely important to establish a clear position to help guide your argument throughout the essay. Do thorough research. It is important for you to research all sides of the topic, not just information that agrees with your position. It is required to include at least one counterargument in your essay, so you will need at least two credible sources that oppose your argument. Further, this will help you have a broad understanding of the topic, which will only help you as you write. The research you use for this essay should all be published within the last 10 years. Develop your supporting points. Use good, credible sources to support your main claim. When you compose supporting points, you need to remain reasoned and focused. Avoid being emotional in composing your argument. That will weaken your argument and will affect the outcome. You can refer to our lessons about the rhetorical appeals, writing for purpose, and logical fallacies for this. Details to Include in the Essay: A full explanation of the issue and why it is an issue Include who is affected by the issue An overview of current viewpoints about the issue, including opposing sides Historical background about the issue How it came to be an issue, the current state of the issue Causes and effects of the issue Your argument about the issue Provide strong supporting points for your argument A counterargument to your position and a refutation of that counterargument A solution or a call to action

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