Congratulations, you have just been hired by Innova Museums Group (https://www.i
Congratulations, you have just been hired by Innova Museums Group ( to develop an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan to help build awareness and engagement with potential future and current clients. 1. Based on what you can find from the Internet and the group’s presentations in-class (zoom recordings) in week 7 and Final Presentations recordings under Course Materials on Blackboard. Review and determine your assigned companies marketing plan based on the following (20 Marks). · Focus on the market, company, consumer, competitive, and environmental information · Determine current marketing objectives, strategy, and programs that are currently being offered · Understand their current role of promotion within the market 2. Access the Marketing Communications Situation (20 Marks) · Relative strengthens and weaknesses of products/services · Previous promotional programs · Brand image · Consumer behaviour analysis · Competitive analysis · Environmental analysis · Market analysis 3. Determine IMC Plan Objectives (20 Marks) · Establish IMC communication objectives · Establish IMC behavioural objectives 4. Develop IMC Programs (20 Marks) · Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, and Internet Marketing: · Set specific communication and behavioural objectives for each IMC tool · Determine budget requirements · Develop relevant message strategy and tactics (remember creative theme) · Select suitable media strategy and tactics · Explain integration your plan for these five programs

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