Conduct a management SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analys
Conduct a management SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis on your personal effectiveness on the managerial level of an organization. Do this by identifying your strengths and weaknesses as a manager, as well as the opportunities that you can take advantage of to make you a stronger manager, and threats that are currently impeding your growth as a manager, or prior threats that plagued your management progress. This is your personal SWOT. Do not conduct a SWOT analysis on an organization. Research “SWOT Analysis” to get a full understanding, which is not available from the management text. Strengths and Opportunities are not the same, and do not have the same origin. Weaknesses and threats are not the same and are not similar. Use the results of one or more management self-assessment tests as a base to discover and support your SWOT. Various tests can be found online. The website Mindtools has an excellent series of management assessment tests, and you can find a link for Mindtools on the Research Paper: Personal SWOT Analysis Assignment page under Research Paper: Personal SWOT Analysis Resources. State the title of the test, the purpose of the test, your actual score, and the interpretation of the score. Be sure to focus on the management aspects of the test if the test is based on personality, psychology or other unit of analysis. Do not use a leadership assessment test. Discuss whether or not you agree with the results of the management test assessment. Apply biblical integration by documenting what the Bible says about each personal SWOT factor which are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Present your SWOT analysis in essay format, not in a graph, diagram or chart. (At least 400 words in this SWOT section).

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