Concept Map Submission
Assignment: Concept Map Submission At some point in your life, you have likely used a map to find your way. Perhaps you use a GPS tool on a phone or installed in a vehicle. Maps provide a visual representation to give direction, illustrate relationships, and provide guidance. As part of your Final Project presentation, you will include a Concept Map that demonstrates theories of learning and development as they relate to your anticipated learners in the Final Project. Note: There are many concept map examples available on the Internet. Please feel free to select one that is most appropriate to the material you wish to include in your assignment. For this Assignment: Review this week’s Learning Resources. Consider different types of learning. Conduct a search on the Internet and find a concept map that is most appropriate for the information you would like to include to display different types of learning. By Day 7 Complete a Concept Map that displays different types of learning. This map will be one slide of the PowerPoint presentation of your Final Project Proposal.

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