Complete one of the free tests from this website (
Complete one of the free tests from this website ( to write about for your main post (350+ word count). Make sure you sort/filter by free since this website also offers ones at a cost. You should see a list of about 23 free tests ranging from Anger to Procrastination. Here are the promtps you'll need to address in your main post. Read them before completing your selected test. ↓↓ What test did you complete and why did you pick this one? In your own words provide a brief overview of what the test was assessing based on the questions asked. What were the result ranges or categories? What were your results and did you find them to be relatively accurate based on your own self-evaluation of this topic. Was there any aspect of the results that were inaccurate or not quite in line with your perceptions of yourself (be specific)? What are your thoughts on the reliability/validity of the test (Google the terms for descriptions, address each one and be specific)? Any additional notes about the process of completing the test, the results, application to one's self, etc...?

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